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  terry gibson

I have twenty years' experience of working with national and multinational corporations, as well as with NGOs and government organisations. I understand the cultures and the challenges of these organisations in depth and create new ways of using communications to support change - ranging from use of a 'social networking' strategy to enable intercommunity learning at an international NGO to design of a collaborative consultation process at a national retail chain which is redesigning its SD strategy. I bring a rich understanding of how learning and change work in practice to this work. I also bring in depth experience of using media in the widest sense - from workshops and campaigns to video, dvd, websites, web2 technologies and so on.

Working in the Global South

I have worked in over 30 countries in the Global South on video, documentary and community development projects and understand the practicalities and the deeper issues faced by communities in urban and rural situations across the world. My role at the Global Network for Disaster Reduction involves constant collaboration with member organisations in over 70 countries in the Global South


Behind the 'practice' is ongoing study and research. After completing a Masters at the Institute for Development and Policy Management at Manchester University (2006) in 'Globalisation and Development' with a particular emphasis on organisational change and learning I pursued doctoral research in community, communication and change at the same unit. I graduated with a PhD in 2012. A range of materials resulting from this research are available in the resource area.

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