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Doctoral Thesis

heavy going as doctoral theses are. If you want to find out why I do this read chapter one, and if you want to find out what I found out read chapter 9

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Recent papers about the Global Network for Disaster Reduction

Jamba paper on learning processes between members of an international network

Humanitarian Exchange paper on learning in an international network

Development Studies Association Conference paper on learning about resilience from the Global Network for Disaster Reduction

'It's not just the data' - study of the Global Network for Disaster Reduction: ISCRAM 2010

This paper is a practitioner report on network building and an action research project with the Global Network for Disaster Reduction during 2009. It highlights some of the unintended and valuable outputs of the project in terms of local level partnership building for action.

'It's not just the data'

Community, communication and change

I've placed an emphasis on understanding these three terms in order to achieve successful change and improvement (see change communication) This discussion paper reflects my recent work and thinking on this issue

Click to download 'Of Oilrigs and Chainsaws'

Communications in community development

These papers include my Masters thesis on the role of communication in development, and the report of the DFID 'Digital Bridges' project highlighted as a case study

Click to download 'visual media in community development'

Click to download the report of the 'Digital Bridges' project

Theory and practice of change in organisations and communities

While business and organisation development may seem a very different field to community development, the same basic issues apply. This paper addresses organisational change and 'on the job learning' and applies the 'learning cycle' model.

Click to download 'The practice of learning and change'

Communities of Practice

The concept of 'communities of practice' is often relevant to organisational learning and change. Etienne Wenger, who developed the concept with Jean Lave, is a visiting professor at Manchester University and worked with a group of us in May 2007 on case studies from diverse fields. The SAB Global Networking case study was discussed as part of this workshop. His website carries information and links on the concept.




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