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The projects described here have been selected to illustrate the themes of community, communication and change. This is not an exhaustive list and there are a number of other interesting projects in my portfolio (including videoconferencing Gordon Brown to Zambian villager Elinata Kasanga!).

Global Network for Disaster Reduction

Two links are provided below to papers describing some learning from the network:

Paper on learning in an international network for Humanitarian Exchange

Paper on the nature of learning in the network for Jamba journal

SABMiller Global Networking

Identifying and supporting a globally distributed 'community of practice'

'On Solid Ground' Hurricane Mitch

Enabling communities to use video to do their own learning

B&Q Supply Chains: From shells to lampshades

Unravelling the 'players' in a transcontinental supply chain

SABMiller Global Reporting

Using information and 'difference' to drive change

'Digital Bridges' participative training project

Knowledge and Research project for DFID testing the use of video and the web in participative learning

'Scoop' Interactive Induction

Turning inductees into newshounds

'The Global State of Kingfisher'

Using interactive video to help a team develop their own solutions

'PILLARS' Community Facilitation and Mobilisation

Capturing a community process in an interactive DVD


Testing the idea that 'social networking' can enable communities to learn from each other


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