The Global State of Kingfisher

  terry gibson

Using interactive video to help a team develop their own solutions

This project started with a request to design an ‘invitation video’ to a hlgh level workshop on ‘sustainable development’ which was to be held ‘on location’ in Hong Kong, the base for much of the sourcing of Kingfisher’s products.

Further discussion with Alan Knight and the senior learning group led to us designing an interactive workshop in which video was used at key points to record, and then to play back feedback and input at each stage of the workshop, in a ‘loop learning’ format. From the introductions through to discussion sessions and on site visits the process led to reflection and comparisons, and depicted striking journeys of understanding among the participants, who were directors and operating company managers within the business.

‘Participative video’ is often used as a term to refer to the participants shooting the video. (see paper on the use of video with grassroots groups) In this case the ‘participation’ was around the reactions to playback of the participants’ contributions.

The project supported a ‘learning cycle’ process (experience, reflection, synthesis, changed thinking, experience . . .) which is a key part of change communication processes.

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