terry gibson

Turning inductees into newshounds

The goal of an induction process at Centrica was to mobilise new staff joining at management level; enabling them to be involved and critical, rather than just feeding them ‘passive’ information. We applied the learning design principles of the ‘Global State of Kingfisher’ project and of an interactive youth project. The metaphor of ‘journalist’ was used to encourage the participants to become creative and questioning in their approach.

Scoop event

The combination of very simple challenges and more in-depth business investigations proved to be effective with these groups, and was used in other divisions, as well as being taken up by the Cooperative group as the basis for their induction at the same level.

It demonstrated that where learning processes stimulate the sharing of ‘on the job’ knowledge and insights, (see resource paper on organisational change) rather than simply ‘pumping in’ information the results can be more effective than ‘traditional’ approaches.


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