SABMiller Global Reporting

  terry gibson

I've worked on several of the projects in these case studies with Dr Alan Knight - at B&Q, Kingfisher and SAB Miller. We started work on a plan to capture some 'best practice' stories of Sustainable Development and immediately realised that without robust reporting of performance across the global business the individual anecdotes weren't very helpful. This led to a major project to install a system to allow self-reporting and clear presentation of the performance of the 35 businesses across ten key trends.

While this in itself doesn't immediately appear to be about learning and change, what has become clear is that in fact the data which is gathered and presented is part of the 'knowledge of the emerging 'community of practice' around SD at this business (see 'global networking'). The practitioners have become very excited about monitoring both their own 'scores' and those of other businesses. While this is partly about the competitive culture of SABMiller, it is also about 'learning from difference'. What I mean by this is that it is argued in thinking about 'community' that not only the things community members share in common (which give them their identity) but the diversity in the community that drives communication and learning. This is also clearly leading to change as the diversity drives practitioners to investigate how their colleagues in some case achieve better performance than they do. What may seem to some a 'beancounting' exercise is driving change.

SAB's work in developing this framework has been recognised on the CBI website as a case study for innovation in CSR

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