B&Q Supply Chains

  terry gibson

Working with the exporter in Manila to develop new designs

The project which engaged me with 'Corporate Social Responsibility' was an event for B&Q's suppliers, for which the intention was to demonstrate the impacts of supply chains reaching deep into the south. Because of my long experience of filming in the South I got involved. The story above traces Capiz lampshades back to the small units in Manila where they are manufactured, and from there back to the shellfish beds off the Philippine islands where the raw materials are obtained. The supply chain is fascinating because it relates to issues such as sustainable extraction of shells, health and safety for local divers, working conditions and health and safety in the manufacturing process, and development of designs which will enable the lampshades to sell in quantities which sustain improvements in the chain. The videos we created helped to stimulate the debate, but also showed how the engagement of all those involved was critical. In more recent work with B&Q and Kingfisher we've emphasised stimulating learning from peoples' own 'peers' - 'horizontal learning'

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